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Monday, July 3, 2017

Last Birthday of the year, MOM!

Hey everyone!

Momma Momma Momma... Happy Birthday again!!! I sure am glad that everything went so well.  I love you so much and I am so grateful for what a great mom you are! I may be licking my lips at the current moment wanting some of that cheesecake.. hopefully you are saving me a slice ;)

I honestly can't believe that I will be home in less than a year. Parts of me are like, holly cow time is just flying, but then the other part is like... wait one more year?? I think the second coming may happen before that ;) lol jk

This was a week to remember, It was actually pretty hard to say goodbye to President Bertin. We really didn't do anything special but Elder Estoque and I ran over to there house a few hours before they left to say goodbye and give them a note. That last good bye was a little difficult and sad. I think it was hitting them pretty hard that day. They both had tears in their eyes as we were walking away. Its hard to describe the feelings that we had. It was like happiness for them, but also sadness because they will be missed so much.

My new MP is pretty much opposite of Pres. Bertin in personality. Pres Bertin was soft spoken and so kind and filled with the spirit. The new MP is a business man and you can tell in the way he talks and interacts with people that he is a sales guy. Super funny and outgoing. I have only had 1 or 2 meetings with him, but in those 2 meetings he had me walking away feeling like I could move a mountain. He will be a great asset to the mission. And I would say that I get a long with him pretty well. 

Best thing in the mission was last night actually... it was about midnight and all the sudden a got a call from an Elder. He in a panic said, someones breaking into the Sisters house. And somehow, feeling I hadn't even blinked yet, had my clothes on and was in the car booking it over to the sisters house. You may be wondering why I am saying this is the best thing... Well first, I learned how much I truly love these missionaries and the charity that God has blessed me with. And second, nothing at all happened to the Sisters which is the biggest blessing of all. The funny part about that story is, with the MP's permission I took my roommate with me to the sisters house in case somewhere was there, and my roommate is a big ole Polynesian who looked at me as we were about to show up and said, "no body messes with our Sisters". And it was such a true statement. 

I love you mom and hope you all have a great week. Keep being awesome and staying strong.

Elder Richards

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