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Monday, July 31, 2017

Just another week

Hey y'all!

I can't believe that Luke is growing up so much. Like who would have ever thought that Luke would be getting a job ;) like that little boy with snot always in his nose is finally growing up. I miss him so much.

Where did summer go is the question? It seems like every year summer goes by faster and faster... Sometimes I wish there was a pause button but other times I am grateful that time does fly..

Tell Paula and them that I miss them and I am definitely taking Paula up on that meat loaf. I could really use some good home coking right now. Canned foods get old after a while. 

To answer your questions..

I saw Cortlan (his real name is Carl) yesterday. We worked together for a few hours and had a great conversation. He has had a really tough past few weeks, as have I the last few weeks, so it was nice to be able to talk with someone else and kind of vent in a sense. It was really good to see him though.

I absolutely LOVE the senior couples. THey are pretty much my saving grace while I have been here in the office. They are always spoiling me and just giving me motherly and fatherly advice as if I were their own children.  will do my best to do everything I can for them!

For this past week, I can't say to much has happened. Its just been busy busy busy. I already told you how I talked to my MP about the companion. Sooo I don't know what will happen next. I'll keep you updated.

Love and miss you loads.

Elder Richards

Monday, July 24, 2017

Faith beyond belief!


As things for in the field. Things are going great. We had 3 baptisms last Saturday which was amazing. It was the Merlan family. Honestly as they were being baptized and confirmed I gained just so much love for them. Like I just wanted to go up there and squeeze each of them so gosh darn tight!!! And the spirit I felt at their baptism was undeniable. They truly are loved by God and they truly loved God themselves.
Something funny is last night we had a training for the new trainers, and Elder Meyer was called as a trainer. Well after the meeting President Hughes gave us some money to go get some food. So we went out to eat and Elder Meyer and I were busting up laughing the whole time. I really enjoy being around him. I'm not sure others like being around us because we are so loud and laughing 24/7, but I really enjoy it. 

I have realized is how much the Lords hand has been in my life, especially in my mission field. I have noticed this especially on my exchanges that I go on with other missionaries. I say this because I was called as an AP young in the mission and I have the opportunity to go on exchanges with much more mature and older missionaries than me often, and they always are expected to learn from me. Well I am not that great in Tagalog, I lack as a teacher, and am overall just not that fantastic of a missionary. But each time I have gone on exchanges, Heavenly Father has filled in all my weaknesses and has helped me help others and have such successful days. You may be thinking why this is so important to me, the reason why is because the last thing I wanted as an AP was for the other missionaries to not take me seriously and the only way through that is by being and living and sharing the message the best way possible. And Heavenly Father has helped me do that during these times.

Love and miss you!!!!!
Elder Richards 

Monday, July 17, 2017



Holy cow we made it through the first year! I am proud of us both, mom! :)  The great thing about that is they always say that the second year goes by even faster. Its crazy to think about the trials and challenges we are put through but also the help and comfort that we are given in those times. I am sure we can both say that this past year has brought a lot of growth for each one of us. 

My favorite thing about the new MP is how enthusiastic he is about the work. And his enthusiasm is almost contagious. When ever he speaks I just want to get out there and get to work.

Funny experience, well I don't know if it is really haha funny but I just have to laugh now looking back on it. Well on Saturday night we ran out of water in our house. (Here in the Philippines you have to buy jugs of water, you can't drink from the tap because it isn't purified). Well we got home kind of late on Saturday and noticed that all the water was gone, and it was to late to go and buy any. So the next day on Sunday, me and my comp looked like fish out of water because we were so gosh darn thirsty. So after church we decided to go home and try and figure something out. Well in our brilliance we decided to boil water from the tap so it kills all the bad germs and then drink it. And I realized something as I was sitting there drinking boiling hot water, that when dire circumstances happen, dire efforts are needed. But don't worry everything is alright now. We survived and got some water now so everything is alright. 

As for a spiritual, I would probably have to say sis Merlan who is getting baptized next week. During her interview this past week she confessed to having an abortion. We were heart broken to hear this because Sis Merlan is such a good person. Well because abortion is very serious she had to be interviewed by President. After the interview, Sis Merlan walked out with tears of gratitude in her eyes and says, I feel like the weight has just been taken off of me. This touched me because I had seen the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ change the life and feelings of this sweet lady. 

1 year down and 1 year left. 

Love and miss you all!

Elder Richards 

Monday, July 10, 2017

A new Mission President

Hey All,

I am so glad you got to go the the homecoming of the MP, I sure do love the Bertins. Pres Bertin is a man of very few words but does have a strong spirit. Sis Bertin on the other hand is one of my favorite people ever. She can just make you feel like a million bucks all the time. She sure was a life saver in my mission and especially the past few transfers. I am glad you were able to find their chapel because I totally spaced on getting their ward name for y'all. 

I can't believe the 4th has come and past. That is my last big memory when I was back home. What a good time we had, and what a way to send me off. And the fire works are always the best part of it all. 

The things with the MP right now are great. We sure are dang busy. Seems like everyday we have something to do to help him out and not allow this mission to go up in flames. It's hard though because we haven't been able to proselyte much. So its a feeling of, man we really aren't doing anything but at the same time we are so busy.

I actually saw Jordy on Monday but I was so sick that I could barely speak so I wasn't able to talk to him much. 
Best thing about  my week this week was I had subway for the first time in like for ever. And no matter what subway you go to, it is delicious. I sure was homesick for the 20 minutes I was there.  But on a more spiritual note, the best part was the Merlan family. Its a family of 4 that are going to be baptized next saturday. The best part is they had the clicking part this week during one of our lessons and talk about one of the coolest things to see with the physical eye. The look in there eye when the click happens and you can tell that they finally get that everything we are saying is all true. 

My favorite thing to eat right now is champorado (chocolate rice!!!)

I sure do love and miss everyone. The crazy things I keep telling myself is that this is my last july 10 and tomorrow will be my last july 11 and so on and so forth. Just crazy how time goes. I will be home before we both know it.

Thanks for all the prayers.


Elder Richards

First Flat Tire

Monday, July 3, 2017

Last Birthday of the year, MOM!

Hey everyone!

Momma Momma Momma... Happy Birthday again!!! I sure am glad that everything went so well.  I love you so much and I am so grateful for what a great mom you are! I may be licking my lips at the current moment wanting some of that cheesecake.. hopefully you are saving me a slice ;)

I honestly can't believe that I will be home in less than a year. Parts of me are like, holly cow time is just flying, but then the other part is like... wait one more year?? I think the second coming may happen before that ;) lol jk

This was a week to remember, It was actually pretty hard to say goodbye to President Bertin. We really didn't do anything special but Elder Estoque and I ran over to there house a few hours before they left to say goodbye and give them a note. That last good bye was a little difficult and sad. I think it was hitting them pretty hard that day. They both had tears in their eyes as we were walking away. Its hard to describe the feelings that we had. It was like happiness for them, but also sadness because they will be missed so much.

My new MP is pretty much opposite of Pres. Bertin in personality. Pres Bertin was soft spoken and so kind and filled with the spirit. The new MP is a business man and you can tell in the way he talks and interacts with people that he is a sales guy. Super funny and outgoing. I have only had 1 or 2 meetings with him, but in those 2 meetings he had me walking away feeling like I could move a mountain. He will be a great asset to the mission. And I would say that I get a long with him pretty well. 

Best thing in the mission was last night actually... it was about midnight and all the sudden a got a call from an Elder. He in a panic said, someones breaking into the Sisters house. And somehow, feeling I hadn't even blinked yet, had my clothes on and was in the car booking it over to the sisters house. You may be wondering why I am saying this is the best thing... Well first, I learned how much I truly love these missionaries and the charity that God has blessed me with. And second, nothing at all happened to the Sisters which is the biggest blessing of all. The funny part about that story is, with the MP's permission I took my roommate with me to the sisters house in case somewhere was there, and my roommate is a big ole Polynesian who looked at me as we were about to show up and said, "no body messes with our Sisters". And it was such a true statement. 

I love you mom and hope you all have a great week. Keep being awesome and staying strong.

Elder Richards