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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rough Week! #2

Porter was really struggling this week: He said in an email to me that he had spent more time on his knees and pleading with the Lord for the Elders/Sisters in his district than he has spent in his whole lifetime. He also said he hadn't slept much because the worry for each of them was heavy on his heart and mind. Here is a part of an email he sent me:

Elder Richards and "Guapo"
The roomates.
What a emotional hard week. The language is kicking my butt right now, but I've learned a lot. I just keep telling myself it has been 10 days so I wont be an expert in that amount of time. I just need to keep studying hard. My companions and I get along just great. Being in a trio can be hard for getting ready in the morning but we make it work. Being a DL has been the hardest part so far. I want the most for the Elders and Sisters that I'm over but they are struggling with homesickness right now which is hard for me to see and is weighing heavy on
me. I just need to keep praying for them. This week has been tough for that reason and that the MTC seems forever long. I just want to get out of here and bring real people unto Christ. I can't wait. Outside of that the MTC is the same routine everyday. Language study in the morning. Learn how to teach in the afternoon. Then sleep. Kind of  sad and days seem long but I'm making me way through it. I love and miss you lots!
Elder Meyer and Elder Richards at the Philippines MTC
No group email this time. And I will send pictures a little later today.

Elder Richards    

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 1 MTC

Well I can finally say that week number 1 is over. It has had its rough moments but the joy I feel out weighs it. 

The first 2 words that come to mind is, CULTURE SHOCK. As we drive around here I look around and all I can see are houses barely staying up. The glass windows are broken and the roofs look like it is made out of scrap metal. My heart broke for every soul I saw. 

Trying to learn a language has been both a blessing and a trial.Through all the late night studies and conversations that I don't know what is being said, I've learned a lot about myself. I forgot what it felt like to work and pray constantly for something I wanted. Every night so far I have gotten on my knees and pleaded with Heavenly Father to bless with me the gift of tongues and help me out with this trial. I have not yet had an answer, but I can just feel that everything is going to be ok.

I was called to be a District Leader in the MTC. Many members of my district have gotten very homesick. I have found a new kind of love for my district member and seeing the hardship they are going through is hard for me. I realized that I have to put all my troubles to the side and focus on them if I want to be a good leader. Through helping them out and preparing, I've noticed that I am not homesick. It is true and I can testify that if you get lost in the work of the Lord, you forget about yourself.

I love the people of the Philippines. They are the most humble, down to Earth people I have ever met and I am looking forward to serving them.

Last but not least MTC does not stand for Missionary Training Center, it stands for "make time count". Having such limited time here, I can't be messing around if I want to be an effective missionary. I absolutely love the kindness and happiness I feel here. It's hard to put it into words, but I can already tell that I will fit in just fine here. Love and miss everyone.

Elder Porter Richards

Also, Thank you for the emails, I enjoy hearing whats going on with you all. I am sorry I'm short on time this week to reply individually. Hopefully next week I will have more time.

The Trio: Elder Rasmussen, Elder Richards and Elder Peterson
Elder Richards and Elder Meyer

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Farewells are done! 
Porter and his cousin Jordan. They get the opportunity to go to the same mission together. Both leaving July12, 2016.

           I think someone was exhausted after his farewell and saying many thanks and goodbyes.