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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hey y'all! What a year it's been! Sorry it's been a while since I last emailed. I have enjoyed 2017 more than I could ever express but looking forward to 2018.

I have learned a 3 vital things this week...

Filipinos party a lot harder than Americans. 
New Year last night was pretty much the craziest thing I have ever experienced. Of course we stayed up til midnight, because you know, we would be crazy if we didn't. Any who, we walked out on the street last night at around 11:50 for the last 10 minutes , and hot dang you could see fireworks in every which direction and couldn't hear a single thing. You could barely hear yourself think because of the noise of the fireworks. And the craziest part is there are so many wires here along with the streets being so skinny, so seeing these people set these fireworks off about made my heart drop because I was envisioning nothing but bad things happening. Like I wouldn't have been surprised if someone got hit, but thank goodness I can happily report that no one lost an eye or finger. 

Penoy people are so sweet and love to feed the missionaries. 
We literally the past few days have had nothing but appointments with food at the end. Like we would out of nowhere get a text from a member saying, "Elders come over and eat". And the thing is we cant say no or we look like chumps, so we have been stuffing our faces nonstop the past few days! For example, yesterday (Sunday) We had church until 10, then a lunch appointment at noon followed by another dinner appt at 3 then curfew at 6. And while we were at the house for curfew, we had 4 times where people came over and brought us food, and to top it all off we cooked taco ourselves last night. 

When push comes to shove, I still GOT it.
Last night me and my roommate both had to use the bathroom as we were walking home. And we only have one restroom at the house so we decided to race and whoever got there first got to use it first. And ohhhh...I smoked him.... he didn't think I still had it in me, but little did he know. 

Things going on in the mission are awesome. We should have 5 baptisms coming up in January. Most are PM families and then the others are referrals. I love the work here and love the people even more.

I would love to hear how you all are doing, it's been a while ;) 

Happy New Year! It's going to be a great year! See you all this year! :)

Elder Porter Richards

Monday, September 4, 2017

Transfer Day


Well I just got done with an exit day, and I can't lie, it makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Sad to see all my great buddies going home and feeling like time is flying and my time here will be done before I know it, but at the same time happiness knowing that I will be seeing you pretty dang soon. 

I still am in disbelief that Jeremey has a kid. Like when did he decide to grow up?? I still think in my mind I am going to see him play at high school with mimi! The baby is adorable though, and I figure the baby will be taller than me by the time i get back. lol And tell mimi I love her and am in dying need for some snickerdoodles ;)

Thats good to hear Carl sent some pics. He is a great guy. Sure do love him. We get along so well!

The mission is going great at the moment. The best thing this week was having 3 baptisms. Mary Grace, Nily, and Leonisa. These are 3 of my favorite people. The moment that really touched me was when sister Leonisa and I were standing outside, waiting to get into the font, then she looked at me with just tear filled eyes and said "thank you for everything". The reason this hit me so much is becasue before, I never had really saw much emotion out of Leonisa. She is more of a tougher type who doesn't like to show much emotion. But in that moment as she thanked me, I felt the Spirit of the Lord as strong as I may have ever felt it. It reassured me that this is His work. And that he will continue to soften the hearts of the people and change them. I honestly just can't put into words the love and the feelings I have as I do this work. It honestly is one of a kind.

The hardest part of the week was figuring out transfers. President Hughes has really given us APs a lot of responsibility which is great, but at the same time is very stressful. So this past week has been nothing but late nights full of stress about transfers. But things I feel like are okay and figured out now. 

Thanks for all the love and support.

Elder Richards

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sorry so short


Real quick, I was able to go back to Hagonoy this week and see some of my favorite people. I love that place. I talked to Rhose and her family. It was nice to check in on them. I will write more next week, it has been a crazy week with missionaries going home.

love you all,

Elder Richards

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I love to see the Temple

First of all, hot darn that poor car of mine.. I mean yours ;) I can feel for that teenager, its always the hardest conversation to have saying you wrecked the car. At least I never wrecked your car ;) LOL

I honestly can't believe that Joey is already home from his mission. I still remember him giving me drives to school and him giving his Farewell talk. Just reminds me how fast time does go. 

As for me right now I am doing alright. I still do really enjoy being with me comp. He sure has took a big burden off my shoulders. President Hughes is having me and my comp basically go around the mission each day and work with other missionaries to push them. So I don't spend to much time in my own area. I am pretty much on the run 24/7 going places to work with others.

The best thing about the week I would have to say would be being with Elder Uhler. Me and that guy have really just hit it off and I just freaking love him. I was able to go down to the temple with him and Jord today and it just has been so refreshing and much needed. Honestly the comfort and peace at the temple is real.
The hardest thing this week would have to be, eating consistently. I am getting so out of shape and it is really killing me. I just don't know what to do to control my eating. I still have the appetite of what I used to have but I don't do nearly as much working out. So any advice in that category? I know you been doing so well so if you don't mind sharing the secret ;)

And if you are sending a package, I would love some pills that would give me a six pack ;) jk

Love and miss you all!

Elder Richards

Monday, August 7, 2017

Great, wonderful, fantastic week!

Hey everyone,

Well it has been such a great week this past week. I got a new Comp and he is awesome! I can't lie, honestly the biggest blessing that has happened to me. His name is Elder Gurtiza. He is from Baguio and he is such a good guy and I honestly just enjoy being around him so much. He was a tender mercy given to me. 

I know you love experiences and stories..

I have realized in the past week how powerful the Spirit is and how it knows exactly where you need to be in the exact moment. I had an experience this past Saturday that reemphasized this to me. I received a prompting to go to an investigator of ours at 8:45 in the morning which is very unusual. But I decided to not think twice and just go. And everything that happened after that decision was incredible. We showed up to the house, the sister was in the front just a wreck. Crying to the point where her eyes where so swollen she couldn't open them. We were in complete shock and didn't know what quite to do at the moment but I asked if we could come in to help out. As we entered the house, it was full of trash just thrown every which way. And as soon as we sat down this sweet lady just opened up to us. She was told about all the heart aches and agony she was having and how no one was there for her. After listening to what was going on we opened up and told the story of Joseph Smith in section 121 of D&C. And in the matter of the hour and a half we were there and after sharing our message, we went from seeing a girl that looked like she had been through hell and back, to seeing a girl smiling, thanking the Lord, and telling herself that she can do it. And this all came from me following a simple prompting.

Love you all,

Elder Richards 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Just another week

Hey y'all!

I can't believe that Luke is growing up so much. Like who would have ever thought that Luke would be getting a job ;) like that little boy with snot always in his nose is finally growing up. I miss him so much.

Where did summer go is the question? It seems like every year summer goes by faster and faster... Sometimes I wish there was a pause button but other times I am grateful that time does fly..

Tell Paula and them that I miss them and I am definitely taking Paula up on that meat loaf. I could really use some good home coking right now. Canned foods get old after a while. 

To answer your questions..

I saw Cortlan (his real name is Carl) yesterday. We worked together for a few hours and had a great conversation. He has had a really tough past few weeks, as have I the last few weeks, so it was nice to be able to talk with someone else and kind of vent in a sense. It was really good to see him though.

I absolutely LOVE the senior couples. THey are pretty much my saving grace while I have been here in the office. They are always spoiling me and just giving me motherly and fatherly advice as if I were their own children.  will do my best to do everything I can for them!

For this past week, I can't say to much has happened. Its just been busy busy busy. I already told you how I talked to my MP about the companion. Sooo I don't know what will happen next. I'll keep you updated.

Love and miss you loads.

Elder Richards

Monday, July 24, 2017

Faith beyond belief!


As things for in the field. Things are going great. We had 3 baptisms last Saturday which was amazing. It was the Merlan family. Honestly as they were being baptized and confirmed I gained just so much love for them. Like I just wanted to go up there and squeeze each of them so gosh darn tight!!! And the spirit I felt at their baptism was undeniable. They truly are loved by God and they truly loved God themselves.
Something funny is last night we had a training for the new trainers, and Elder Meyer was called as a trainer. Well after the meeting President Hughes gave us some money to go get some food. So we went out to eat and Elder Meyer and I were busting up laughing the whole time. I really enjoy being around him. I'm not sure others like being around us because we are so loud and laughing 24/7, but I really enjoy it. 

I have realized is how much the Lords hand has been in my life, especially in my mission field. I have noticed this especially on my exchanges that I go on with other missionaries. I say this because I was called as an AP young in the mission and I have the opportunity to go on exchanges with much more mature and older missionaries than me often, and they always are expected to learn from me. Well I am not that great in Tagalog, I lack as a teacher, and am overall just not that fantastic of a missionary. But each time I have gone on exchanges, Heavenly Father has filled in all my weaknesses and has helped me help others and have such successful days. You may be thinking why this is so important to me, the reason why is because the last thing I wanted as an AP was for the other missionaries to not take me seriously and the only way through that is by being and living and sharing the message the best way possible. And Heavenly Father has helped me do that during these times.

Love and miss you!!!!!
Elder Richards