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Monday, February 27, 2017

Love me some Elder Bednar!

Hello y'all who are living in the cold, how is everything? :)

Let me first say that being fed by members is the best thing in the whole world, so treat the missionaries very nice as I know you will ;)

Second, I sure do miss ya mom. There are times where it seems just about all I can bear and all I want to do is call you up, but its at those same times that I grow the most, but know I miss and love ya! Our drink runs we always did and times we would skip church (lol funny stories ;) ) are still some of my favorite memories and it was some of the best times we bonded. 

Its been another great week here in the Philippines serving the Lord. I had the opportunity this week to go on exchanges with Elder Uhler who is from Virginia. The whole day I was laughing because as you can imagine, we were bringing back the stories of living in the South. It was so great to be bale to bring out my southern slangs and for someone to understand it. The best part of the day was we were able to get so much work done together. It felt like every house we looked at was letting us in and allowed us to share with them. 

Elder Bednar blew my mind!!! He came to our mission and shared with just our mission. It was amazing to be within 5 feet of an Apostle and feel the power while he spoke.  His style of teaching was absolutely just amazing. I can't tell you exactly what part was the most amazing, but I can say that the Spirit that was present I will never forget it. I know he is called by the Lord to guide us in these latter days. 

As we were teaching an investigator this week, whose father passed away recently, I had such an amazing experience. Near the end of the lesson, I looked this younger women in the eyes and said in Taglog "your father wants you to know that he loves you and you will see him again". I can't say where these words came from, but I felt such a peace as I said those words. The next moment these 2 young women began weeping. It was such a powerful moment to feel the love a father has for his family just like Heavenly Father has for each of us.

I sure do love you all. Keep being awesome. 

Elder Richards 

My typical eating day is oatmeal in the morning, rice for lunch and dinner. And usually some food that I cooked up.

We go somewhere to get haircuts because haircuts here are only 50 pesos. Or 1 dollar. 

Things in my house are good. It is the first time there have been 4 missionaries in my apartment and it has been different. They are cool guys. 

Things are well with my comp. I am glad he is great in Tagalog because I can tell him exactly how I feel and he will understand.

The language is doing alright. I have definitely seen the Lords help in me learning. There is no way I would be where I am if he wasn't with me.

Pic 1: My apartment
Pic 2: Standing outside my apartment
Pic 3: Our whole mission with Elder Bednar

Monday, February 13, 2017

Be my Valentine's

Hey Y'all.

Wow! It's already another P-day. Where does time go to at times?? Happy Valentine's mom and yes.... I will be your valentine ;) 

It has been a great week in my new area. The area is Minuyan in San Jose Del Monte. It is a ward but I couldn't tell you how because there are not that many members here... but its ok, we plan on adding a good amount in the time I am here. 

Elder Fackrell (My new comp) is such a great guy and missionary. I really look forward to working with him and learning from him. I really just love the man so much and I know how much of a help he will be to me in my progress as a missionary. 

I can tell you, transferring in the Philippines is kind of a joke. Since there are really no cars here you have to try and cram all your stuff on a jeepnie and hope for the best. It truly is a pain and makes me not want to transfer ever again, or else just take the clothes on my back with me. Although even with riding with my knees in my chest, shoulder to shoulder, two suitcases a backpack and with another person, I did survive.

I am sorry I don't have to many updates on my area since I am so new, but I can tell you we have some great progression going at the moment. I have met an awesome member here who takes such good care us. Her name is Nanay mimi, and she lives underneath us. She is a member in our ward and such a homie (sorry I can't think of any other way to describe her). She cooks lunch for us everyday and such a funny old lady with all her comments. I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

I love you all and hope you have a great week and have a great Valentines Day!

Elder Richards 

Pic 1: Me and my comp on the right. He is a funny guy.
Pic 2: The view from my apartment.
Pic 3: Our CSP. We were building a house for a less active.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Goodbye to Hagonoy!

Hey all,

Well it is official, I am out of Hagonoy. I have been transferred to San Jose Del Monte North. I am so pumped. My new comp is my old district Leader here in Malolos. His name is Elder Fackrell, from Las Vegas. A great guy with such a knowledge for the doctrine so I know I am going to be able to learn a lot. 

Really the Falcons blew it??? What the heck... just when you think it is finally the Falcons time to shine.. shucks..
I'm sure Luke was not happy about that. Next year!!

As for me this week, saying good bye to all my members here in Hagonoy has been a lot tougher than I thought. 
I have come to just love these people and the relationships I have. I almost felt like I was leaving home again. I know me leaving is for the best and will allow me to grow as a person and missionary but it's still hard to say goodbye. It doesn't help that I am not good at saying good byes and hate doing it. 

I got to sleep over at Jordy's (Elder Meyer) house the past 3 days LOL. We have stayed up talking until 
1:00 am each night just laughing. I sure am going to miss him lots. Not many people get the experience of having their cousin on the same mission as them and it's awesome.

I hope everyone has a great week. I am looking forward to new experiences in this new area.

Love ya,

Elder Richards
Rhose and Ricky

Our Zone
Cousin Love (Elder Meyer)

The Zone
Philippine Houses