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Monday, June 26, 2017

My Birthday in the Philippines!

Hi all!

Thank you so much for all the Birthday emails, I loved reading each one, it sure makes me miss everyone.

Well can you actually believe it... I am finally 19!!! What happened there??? Man has age taken its tool on me though. I have grey hairs now, my body aches constantly (look at me, I sound like dad ;) lol jk )
It was actually a really good birthday though. It was really just another day of work but it was just more enjoyable. And honestly Sister Bertin is to sweet to me for getting me some cake and what not. I sure am going to miss them.
My thoughts for this email are going to be all over the place to be prepared ;) 

I sure do miss doing family parties with the Ostlers. I miss AO a ton and playing football and what not with the cousins. Hopefully when I get back, AO and I can still take the 2 younger ones in all the sports. But I think they are both bigger than us now so... who knows...

As for Cortlan. Actually his name is Karl but Cortlan is just his like nickname or something. But he is honestly a great guy. He is half black (dad is from Detroit), and no wonder I am great friends with him. I just attract black people wherever I go. Its a skill really ;) but he served a mission in Baguio a few years ago, and then went less active because he has had a lot more trials and heartbreaks happen in one year than most have happen in a lifetime. He really is a happy guy and me and him are always laughing when we are together. But the way I started to work with him is when I first got to the area I heard that he was the ward mission leader, but that he has been less active for a few years. Well I thought to myself, that just isn't right. So I found his number and texted him just saying that I was new to the area and would appreciate it if he would show me around. Well he accepted and everything sense has been history. And now he has returned back to church for the most part and works with me once or twice a week. And just an FYI, he is fluent in English. That is why he is so good ;) He has been so good t me, even made me a cake on my Birthday

Everything with the MP is good at the moment. President Bertin has opened up so much in the past few weeks its crazy. He like smiles a lot now and jokes around. I really enjoy being around him. I am a little worried for him to leave but am also really excited to meet President Hughes. I have heard nothing but the best about him so I am just looking forward to it. But there are a lot of things to do in preparation. 

FTR... I loved the packages. Everything in it was literally gone within 24 hours. But I can't lie, I didn't share the Biscoff spread one bit. It may be thousands of calories, but so worth it. And yes the powder is awesome. If you ever get time, please send another thing of protein powder. Its the only thing that motivates me to stay in shape haha

My favorite experience this week was a lesson with the Pader family. This is a part member family where the dad and the mom are not the members. But one of their daughters is and is active. Well before this lesson I am about to describe, I just need to first mention that the dad gets drunk every opportunity he has and I have never heard him say or do anything spiritual what so ever. So I was on splits with brother Karl, and the thought came to my mind to strengthen their faith by teaching about faith. And what happened during the lesson I can not say, because I can not recall the exact words that Brother Karl and I said. But somewhere along the line, the message was taken into their hearts, and tears where brought to their eyes. And the very last statement/question that was brought to my mind was something along the lines of "we always say that we have faith, but what are we doing to show our faith?" The father looked up to us and said, a change needs to happen. Now as I mentioned earlier, the father has never done anything spiritual ever, but to close that lesson, he gave the closing prayer. A very cool sight to see.

I miss you and love you so much. Please tell everyone thank you so much for all the birthday wishes in the group email!!!

Elder Richards 

We were able to do a service project with the Senior Missionaries at the Landfill

Birthday cake by Cortlan

Cortlan and Elder Richards

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