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Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day, Birthday and Birthday!

Hey All!

First off Happy Father's Day to the best dad around! You have been such an example to me and I have realized it even more since being out on my mission. Thank you for the wonderful example of what a man is and should be. Love you Dad!  Second, Happy 12th Birthday to my favorite girl Chicky (Mallory). You always makes me laugh. Lastly, Happy 70th Birthday to my Papa! You have always been so supportive of me, love you!

Well I can't lie one bit, I wish I were there swimming and enjoying the summer months of just relaxing. I am glad to hear Mally had a good birthday and enjoyed it. She still cracks me up with everything she wants. I still don't completely get the hammock thing but if thats what she wants, then why not. I will tell you what though, I would do anything for a Zaxbys meal or a Chic fil a sandwich. Talk about 2 places I am missing so much at this moment. 

That little story of Luke complaining about going to Youth conference or High adventure and then really enjoying the event is funny. It reminds me way to much of myself. I had to many experiences like that when I was younger. Oh what good times.

Thank you so much for the package mom. It honestly was the high light of my week. Nothing is better than walking into the office and the secretary looking at you and saying, "Someone has a special surpriseeeee" ;) All the treats were delicious that it only took me, my comp, and the 2 other elders we live with to finish it all in under 24 hours. Kinda of pitiful but it is what it is. :)

My week this week was a crazy one. When ever transfers come around, madness also comes around. It just seems like there is so many little things to do that they always seem to add up. But its is ok. I survived. Everything went smoothly for the most part and now its on to another transfer. 

My cool part for this week comes from some thoughts I have been having. This past week I really struggled finding some self confidence. Don't ask me why, because I can't say exactly why. It was just one of those weeks I guess. Well one day I was pondering and thinking to myself, "God, am I becoming what thou needs me to be? Am I even making a big difference in peoples lives? Do I have any strengths or am I just full of weaknesses?" After these thoughts, I decided to say a prayers just pouring out my thoughts to Heavenly Father. And as I prayed, nothing but peace came over me and the part of my blessing that says "I am proud". That comfort and tat short line helped me get through the rest of the week with gladness in my heart.

For this coming up week, its going to be full of workshops, service activities, and getting more ready for the next President. So in other words.. its going to be another crazy week. Yay ;)

I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder RIchards 

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