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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Birthday Bro!

Big shout out to the coolest 16 year old out there! Hope your Birthday was awesome Luke. Thanks for being such a an amazing brother. I look forward to our many laughs together when I get home.

Oh how lovely are pdays. You know how sometimes you need those vacation days... well I need this pday. 
I am happy to hear that the St. George trip was a good time. That was one of my favorite parts of my last summer home. Chilling, going in the pool, playing with the little munchkins, and just laughing was a good way to do it. And we both know those donuts are soooo good. Oh how much I wish I could go back for a week and party it up again in St. george. That was honestly such a fun week and looking back how dorky and dumb me and Zack were, but I still wouldn't trade it for the world.

I can't believe that Luke is already 16 and is about to drive. Talk about weird. And what car does he get for the time being?? And I expected nothing less than for his bday present to be a little fridge with Dr. Pepper. That is to funny. 
That is awesome to hear about Nikki. Good for her for accomplishing that goal. I don't know if you are going to Boston to be a cheerleader or more going to get away and enjoy the northeast ;)

I am in disbelief that Nathan has a baby and that Jeremy will have a kid soon. The sad thing is both of them are probably going to come out of the womb taller than me... so thats a little disheartening for me but great for them. They are going to be great parents.

As from the mission front. Nothing to crazy happened this week besides it was transfer week. I still have the same companion, but the amount of work we had this week was tremendously large. It seems as if the stress is affecting the color of my hair. I think I am getting grey hairs. I don't know if that is from the stress or me getting old (I mean I am about to turn 19 and all ;) ) haha 

I have not received any packages yet, but I will make sure to keep an eye out for them. But no guarantees they stay unopened until my birthday.

But my cool experience for the week this week is from reading a talk this week by Elder Uchtdorf about patience. Patience has been my focus for the past few weeks because lets be honest, you can never have enough patience in your life. Well the talk goes on to say in one part something along the lines of, patience isn't just enduring, but it is enduring well. Sometimes as we sit there doing nothing in our trials, we think we are enduring or have patience, but in the end, that isn't enough. True patience require faith and action. Now if we fall to the temptation and lose our patience and become impatient, then we gain a symptom of selfishness. 

I love you and will always be praying for the family. I hope you have a great week.

Hey mom, you are also my favorite ;)

Elder Richards 

The Luke smolder :)

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