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Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy Birthday to my DAD!

FIrst off Happy Birthday to the best Dad ever! Words could never tell you how much I appreciate and love you. Thanks for being such a great example to me.

All I have to say is... blessings, on blessings, on blessings...
First of all that is so cool to hear about Papa. I am not to sure what a retirement home looks like, or what the benefits are, but if it was going to be a year wait and he some how got in, they must be something good. 
I can't believe its been over a year since I graduated high school .It feels like yesterday we were going to dinner with grandpa and grandma. And grandpa looked like he was just miserable in the pictures we were taking together. haha still what good times. Enjoy the summer break though mom. Soak in every sunny day you get off. And make sure to live the good pool life for me. 

I can't believe Megs is leaving. For how crazy that girl is, I sure do love her. She has been so sweet to me and to the family it seems like which I am so appreciative for. She will do a great job and I think will change a lot on her mission. Some people in Florida need that personality of Megs. 

Everything in the office is so good. I never knew I could be so busy in the world and actually be wishing that there was more time in the day so I could finish everything. It seems like everyday we have something important that needs to be done. Definitely the best part of being the AP is driving the car with air con. Pretty much the biggest blessing to me. I sure have come to love President Bertin. Even though him and I are very different in personality and thinking patterns, I have learned a lot from him and he sure has made a change in my life here. I don't know to much about the knew guy besides he is from Utah and has had several high callings in the church. 

I will email luke and try to encourage him to play but maybe football just isnt his passion anymore. I sure do miss that guy more than I know. I haven't quite laughed here like I did back home. Its like there is this nudge to have one of those moments where I can't breathe because I am laughing so much, but nothing is funny enough to me. 

I am happy and proud to hear about Mally. She sure is an amazing person and I hope she continues to love school and life. 

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Nielsen (my old comp). And lets just say that I love being with that guy all the time. We seem to always be talking and laughing. It was a great day but a very difficult one for me because Elder Nielsen goes home in a week, so that is the last time I will be able to work with him. I can probably say that he has one of the biggest influences on me since I have been on my mission. I learned so much in the 1 transfer I was with him. 

As I was reading this week, I have had a pull to read about the great Apostle Peter. As Elder Holland states and as we read in the book of John, Peter, after the death of Christ, went and did again what Peter had done before. He went fishing. Like being with the Savior for those few years had not been enough to change him for his entire life to be devoted to the gospel. But when the Savior appeared to Peter on the shore of Galilee that one morning, the savior stated a question 3 times that would make Peter the GREAT Apostle. The question was simple... "Peter, lovest thou me more than these things?"... 
Ponder and ask yourselves the question that the Savior asked his future great Apostle. 

I love and miss each one of you so much. Have a great week and be safe!

Elder Richards

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