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Monday, January 23, 2017

Splits with Elder Meyer

Hey All,

I am so pumped that the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl. 
LIKE WHAT THE HECK??? ATL representing! RISE UP!

It was great to see and go on exchanges with Jordy this week. Holy cow he is a great missionary who knows his purpose here and will do what it takes to be successful. We had some great stories but none that we are able to say over email because they may be a little inappropriate for a younger audience ;) jk

I had a great experience yesterday. I decided to fast for a few reasons and about half way through the day I was just pooped. You know when you have no energy and no desire to keep going. I was at that point and didn't even want to walk anymore. While we were at a members house, I bowed my head and said a prayer begging Heavenly Father for strength just to go on because I really didn't think I could. After that prayer from the heart, I can't tell you what happened to me, but Elder Tagal and I decided to contact a referral, and the lesson we had with her was the most powerful lesson I have had yet on my mission. It was one of the lesson that sends shivers down your spine and brings a smile to your face as you walk away. We weren't able to teach lesson 1 fully only the point on families, but at the end we asked her to give the prayer. As she offered this prayer a feeling came over me and everyone in the room, and this sweet lady began to weep and cry to our Father in Heaven. I can't exactly tell you the point of the lesson that really touched this lady, but at the end of her prayer, with wet eyes she looked at us and said "Alam ko na kung ano sinabi nyo ay totoo. Nakadrama ako ng kapayapaan habang ikaw ay nagsalita sa akin" or in English "I know that what you guys said is true. I felt a certain peace while you guys spoke to me". From this short lesson I learned 2 things. How powerful prayer is when it comes from the heart and has righteous purpose behind it and how this gospel is for each one of us and it can be felt even in the first sentence you speak.

Good thing I didn't cut any part of my body this week. I ended up not getting stitches thankfully. 

Love and miss you loads.

Elder Richards 

Pic 1 and 2: coolest kids in Hagonoy. 
The one on my left, her name is Monique. She pretty much
 is one of the coolest.
Pic 2: We decided to try and learn how 
to drive motorcycles without a wheel ;)

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