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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas in the Philippines

Mommacita it was so nice being able to talk to you guys. I truly do miss you guys so much. I already wrote President Bertin saying that we should be able to Face Time once a week ;) haha I am looking forward to Mother's Day, now that is for sure. 

Merry Christmas sa inyo lahat!!!

Let me first say that Christmas away from family just ain't the same... 
But for Christmas this year, Elder Tagal and I instead of doing the usual thing of going to member's houses and eating al their food, we decided we would serve on Christmas day. With our Branch President, we cooked food and then took it and gave it out to all the homeless people on the streets. It was such a great experience. In 18 years of Christmas's I finally felt the true meaning of Christmas. The feelings may have been different than the ones I had as a kid, but I do know I was filled with love. The look in these families eyes as I handed them food was priceless. 

I had quite the adventure as I was trying to Skype with  my family on Christmas Day. There was a major typhoon here going on, so as I was on my way to the computer shop, a blackout hit all the sudden and I thought to myself, this would happen. So in a scurry I started booking it to another computer shop, and of course it starts pouring cats and dogs. So I finally took a tricycle (not like in the U.S.) to a members house (Genice's) just drenched head to toe. But to make this story good, I was finally able to Facetime (the Skype wouldn't work) with my family. The funny thing about talking was since I was at a members house and they have kids they spent as much time saying hi to my family as I did. :) I'm just glad that in the end it was able to work out.
I miss you all and hope everyone has a great 2017! Love ya

Love, Elder Richards

And once again thank you so much for the gifts. I wish you could see Elder Tagal and I balling it up in our apartment! You are to thoughtful and sweet! (And good thinking on getting the rim that allows you to be able to dunk, you are clutch mom) But I can't lie, the food you sent for us to make was delicious but I got a little homesick while cooking it. The smell brings back memories of being at the house lol. ;)

Christmas with Members
Waiting to open gifts

Rocking the matching Jammies like a boss!
We love to be twins!

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