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Monday, November 28, 2016

Is it Christmas yet?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this past week. Not being in America during Thanksgiving is so different. Since of course it isn't celebrated here in the Philippines, I bought a little Thanksgiving myself and I decided to cook all the best Thanksgiving tradition foods for my comp and I. Since we don't have an oven or microwave it was a little more difficult to cook. The food wasn't quite the same in texture and taste, but it still felt like I was back home. After dinner Elder Tagal and I put up a Christmas tree. Actually we bought one of the like 6 inch Christmas trees at one of the stores and decorated that, so now we have some Christmas spirit in our apartment. 

Sounds like it's been pretty cold out there. I am not going to lie I wouldn't mind seeing a little snow or feeling a cold breeze right about now. I am just sweating as I type this email ;) The BYU game sounds like a good time. It's hard to even picture being at a football game now. It's been so long since last season.  Also, thank you for the Christmas boxes. It has taken all my effort not to open them and see what Santa has for me ;) and p.s my comp was beside himself when he realized that one of the boxes was for him. He has never been able to open a present before on Christmas, which is sad but know that you have made him so happy. He says how much he can't wait till Christmas. I'm not sure who's more excited, him or me. 

Everything here is going quite well. Rowena is figuring out her marriage issues right now, so she should be ready for baptism on Dec. 10th I am beyond happy for this because Rowena has been the first person I feel like I have personally touched in my mission. Everyone says that their are certain people you will meet on your mission for a reason, and I know she is one of those for me. Nothing has made me happier than seeing her and her family progress in this gospel. There is a certain joy you feel when you help someone rekindle the light of Christ inside them. 

I love and miss you all. Hope everyone has a great week and a good start to December.

Elder Porter Richards

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