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Monday, November 7, 2016

4 months down!

Hello to all! 

How was everyone's week? Everyone survive? 

Well there's another week that has come and gone. It's crazy how fast time goes by sometimes. In the moment it feels never ending, but then I think back, and woaah, 4 months has gone by.
This week was primarily spent visiting a lot of people because it was Elder Miller's last week. So teaching wasn't much, but it was still nice to visit members and be able to build relationships with them. 

Elder Miller leaves tomorrow which blows my mind. I feel like yesterday I was walking off the Jeepnie for the first time in Hagonoy and seeing Elder Miller. I truly will miss that guy. 

2 of our investigators, Mikko and Vaughn (they are brothers), had their baptismal interview on Saturday. It should have gone all smooth but when only Mikko showed up Elder Miller and I looked at each other and were like what the heck? Mikko said Vaughn was still sleeping at their house. I have never truly been so upset at someone as I was in that moment. Elder Miller and I decided to walk to Vaughn's house and go wake him up. As we were walking and I was just so frustrated, I thought to myself, nothing good will come from being mad. So in that moment I tried with all my might to smile. We finally reached Vaughn's house, and the lock was on the door. SO no one was home. I sat there in devastation, but with a smile on my face. Elder Miller and I made the walk back to the church, only to learn that Vaughn was there and in his interview. Oh how those words brought a true smile to my face. I learned from that if we smile in times of trial, God will always help us out. Because times of despair have not come to last, they have to come to pass. If you always see the good in what is going on in life, God will help you and bless you more. 

I would love your prayers over the next month. We have what is called a White Christmas coming on December 10 which is a mission wide day were everyone should have a baptism. Thanks in advance.

Love and miss you all. Hope everyone has a good week.

Elder Porter Richards

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