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Monday, April 10, 2017

Watching Conference

Well... I can't believe it is already Monday. I feel like I was just at this same computer shop doing the exact same thing I am doing right now.

I guess first I will update you on the journal challenge. I do have to admit I did miss 1 day also, but I was good all the other nights. The biggest thing I realized from it is all the little blessings and things that are happening to me. In life it feels that all we look for sometimes is the big miracles the happen. The things that change lives, but as I finally took time to reexamine my day, I realized all the little things that Heavenly Father is giving me. It makes you grateful for each single day, and not just the days when miracles happen. Each day is a blessing in a different way. We just need to look at the bigger picture to understand that. 

Conference was really good. There wasn't a talk that was life changing to me but a lot of just great talks that allowed the Spirit to be present. I would say that Holland and Bednar gave some of the best talk to me. Every time they speak, especially Holland, I feel like he is right in front of my face speaking to me in person. One part that really stuck out to me was when Elder Bednar said, "Be worthy, stay worthy". The reason this hit me so deep is because there are so many little things we do in life that aren't in tune with God. And it is the little things that add up and then make it feel like there is a burden on our back that we just can't seem to bear. But the word worthy means you are clean in every aspect of your life. With worthiness comes no added weight, but more of a feeling of peace adn love that helps you stand back up. 

I was able to get your package and thank you so much. The pictures were so funny to look back on and remember all the memories. I can assure you, the Biscoff was gone with in 12 hours lol. 

My favorite fruit is mangoes for sure. 

A moment I really enjoyed this week was visiting an RC named Charity. This lady's story breaks my heart, because after 10 years of being married, adn with 2 kids, she found out that her husband had been cheating on her. She has been devastated and been moving around non stop for a few months now because in the Philippines the laws are different and the husband doesn't have to pay her money or anything. So she is literally broke and still taking care of 2 children. But as we were finally able to meet with her the other day, she said something that stuck out to me. "Pinagpapala ako ng Diyos" (God is blessing in me). And as I looked around, while sitting in a house made of scrap metal, I felt nothing but heartache and love for this woman. A woman who literally has nothing to her name, but two daughters and her faith. But to see the look of happiness in her eyes, brought me to almost tears.

I miss and love you all so much!

Elder Richards 

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