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Monday, April 3, 2017

A whole Family to church!

This week has been pretty good. We had a family come to church this week that we are teaching but the hard part is no one else seemed to go. My goal is to get over 10 people in church, and I thought that last week was the week it was going to happen, but somethings happened and we didn't reach the goal. It is all ok, but just a little disappointing. But its time to wipe that off and get back to work.

My comp is doing great. He is actually a stud of a teacher and just a great guy. People seem to love him so it is making the work load easier and not putting so much stress on me. I would say I am still struggling with the language a little because I am speaking English so much. Thats really my biggest problem I have. 
Our teaching pool is doing great. We have a lot of receptive potential people, but then again potential is the worst word ever. We are really right now trying to get that potential in the baptismal font. 
This work is amazing. By far the hardest and most stressful thing I have ever done, but such an amazing blessing that I am thankful to be a part of. 

Who influenced me the most this week was Jacob, the brother of Nephi. Something about reading when he is preaching to the people really touched me. The part that hit me the hardest was when he was speaking of father letting their children and wives down. Something about how life is coming so fast and before I know it I will have a family of my own just hit me. 

The best thing that happened for me this week was we were finally able to get a whole family to church this week. It was the first time I have had that my whole mission. So heart touching for me.

I don't watch conference until next week. I am really looking forward too it.

Elder Nielsen and I have kicked our efforts up to 6th gear. And it is amazing the things and miracles you see when you are giving everything you can. Chicky asked me a question, and the question was how many houses did I visit this week. As I sat here pondering it, I probably visited over 200 houses this week. And that is 200 more houses that have heard the gospel. Very cool when when you think about it and even more cool when it all works out.

I love you all. I miss you like crazy!

Elder Richards

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