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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter #heisrisen

Hey All!

First, did you get my videos??? Hopefully that makes up for the past few weeks of no pictures.

Man I sure do miss spending weeks at at Mimi's house. And I thought we made a deal that you would send me some snicker doodles right? ;) And you know Kevin is clutch with the movies. Good to hear that some things never change.

As for me I am doing alright. I am still alive and kicking which is always a positive. One thing I really enjoyed this week was that I was able to go exchanges with the AP's this week. But that wasn't the cool part. The cool part was that Jordy was there and we pretty much had a sleep over at the AP's house. It was so funny because we were laughing all night and just being goof balls. I sure do love that guy. I hope that one day we can be comps. 

Outside of that it was actually a really stressful week. We had a few big things happen in our zone which caused some of the missionaries to get ET's. Or emergency transferred. So I had to deal with all the pressure that comes from that but its all okay now. Elder Nielsen and I have been doing great together. We seem to just be laughing at everything. We have found a way to find the fun and good in every little thing which is good when you do the same things everyday. 

This week we have been so busy on exchanges and running all over the mission we haven't had much time to work in our own area which is hard when you are trying to get progression. But a cool experience we had this week was we got done with a meeting around 7:30 and were thinking, should we go back to work or just go home and what not because we hadn't eaten or anything. Well we decided to go to work and as we were walking to our area I thought to myself, "father, please don't let us waste our time". And within 5 minutes of tracing we had found a family that was way receptive and so sweet to us. SO it showed me that when you do all you can do, Heavenly Father answers prayers and is wanting to help you.

Sadly I have not been able to go to the temple since the MTC but hopefully it will be soon. Fingers are crossed.

Outside of that not much happened. I miss you guys and hope you are having a great week.  

Elder Richards

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