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Monday, April 24, 2017

Time for a wedding


So mom, this just wouldn't be real life if I didn't irritate you in little ways like giving you vague emails. But we both know I have never been good at sharing my feelings ;)

This week has been all over for me. All the way from happiness to my heart dropping to the bottom of my stomach. But its always good to start with the good stuff that happens so that is where we will begin. I had an opportunity this week to go to a wedding reception which is a little different here than back home. I guess the biggest difference is it is just so loud from all the partying that is going on. Which no complaints here, the bigger the party, the more people to OYM. Filipinos know how to cook though. It seems like the food, more like the rice is endless. It was a great time.

As for the stressful part of the week. I was called by President Bertin last night and he asked me if I would become his new AP. So that is kind of exciting but as soon as the words left his mouth, my heart dropped 5 feet. I couldn't even put words together to give an understandable response. If you want to know my emotions at the current momen I am full of feeling unqualified. I am worried no one will respect me, but that is alright. I can only do all I can and trust the Lord and Pres. Bertin. I am only a little sad to be leaving my area. Since I haven't been here too long, I haven't bonded with the ward too much. So it makes leaving a little easier. As for my new comps, they will be Elder Gumban and Elder Estoque. But more to come on them. I don't know them too well besides that they are great missionaries who know what they are doing. 

So I was able to get my drivers license last week and it was probably the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. I always thought that I was going to have to do some tests and maybe a test drive, but no. All they did was look at my eye, make sure I had 2 feet and handed me my license.... I was at a loss for words also. But hey, watch out people of the Philippines ;)

I miss everyone back home and hope that everyone is having a more than great week. 

Namimiss kita (missing you all)
Ingat kayo (take care)


Elder Richards

Finally a picture of Elder Neilsen

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