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Monday, October 10, 2016

Conference Weekend in the Philippines!

Hi all!

I am a week later than everyone in General Conference. Thankfully we were able to watch conference in English. The Spirit and authority that the Apostles talk with blows me away! The love and compassion these men have for each one of us can definitely be felt through the broadcast. To think if they love us that much, I can only imagine the love our Heavenly Father has for us. They truly are inspired men.

This week was another good week. You can never really have a bad week when you are doing the Lord's work and will. I have learned that we need to just be grateful for everything we are given. When you recognize the little blessings we have been given, the more thankful you become. 

It has been raining A LOT this week. Which made going to the Butterfly Sanctuary even more beautiful and green. (See picture below) (and yes I am holding a Machete like a boss!) 

I don't have any blow away stories this week, but I can say that the Lord is with us always. While walking back home after an appointment, it was pouring rain and I had forgotten umbrella. The walk was about half a mile. As I was walking the flood began to rise little by little, I started to think to myself, "Come on Heavenly Father, why now?" It was a long enough day as is, why allow it pour rain on us? As I was walking in frustration, the song "Army of Helaman" came to mind. As I began to sing in my head the warmest feeling came among me. It allowed me to remember that everything was going to be ok. I will survive. (Truth: It could always be worse.)

I love and miss you all. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Richards

*Other picture is a small bamboo bridge we have to take to get to another village.

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