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Monday, September 5, 2016

Loving Hagonoy!

Hey All!

It has been a good week in the Philippines. As of right now there are 8 baptisms lined up. Some of them may fall through but that is okay. One thing I have learned is people do have their agency, and no matter how bad I want these people to accept, it is up to themselves at the end of the day. As a missionary I can only continue to testify with all my heart, and pray for them constantly. 

Currently Sister Rose is scheduled to be baptized on Sept. 17 and Princess on Sept. 24
One family we have been able to teach is the Alcantara family. They were baptized a few months ago but we have had to finish up the RC lessons with them. We have become close with this family and their kids. This past week Ricky (the father) was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood at the age of 29. The look in his eyes after he revived it and blessed the sacrament that Sunday is priceless. 

The ward here has been so sweet to my companion and I. The members try to feed us as much as possible. I struggle within myself to eat at members houses. The heart breaking thing to me is, usually when they feed us, it means their own kids won't eat.

I couldn't tell you why I am so happy on this mission but I am. It has been nothing but hard work and sacrifice. But for some reason, I just love it here. I love being a missionary in the Hagonoy Branch. I love feeling the Savior's love for me and these people. I love the testimony I have been able to build in this gospel. 

Something funny, So out here in the Philippines there is a TV star named Alden Richard. And the past week whenever I have introduced myself, people keep getting my confused with him, thinking that I am Alden or a cousin. Its nice to be noticed for whatever it is. It definitely has been a good conversation starter with everyone!

I miss and love you all. Hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Porter Richards

Enjoying a PDay near the fish pond  

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