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Monday, September 12, 2016

Enjoying every minute.

Hello to everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. 

The Philippines is still hot and humid, so no change in weather yet. This week has been a little of a struggle for me personally. Its been difficult to be in lessons and be restricted by the language barrier that is placed before me. But at the same time I have learned more and more about humility and trusting in the Savior. No matter how difficult it was for me at certain times during the day, the Lord always blessed me in a little way that always allowed me to smile. Whether it was going to an appointment where the investigator spoke decent English, or being followed by 20 little kids walking down the street who were constantly laughing, the Lord will always give you little blessings for you to be able to make it through each day. Make sure to always be looking for the blessings in life and appreciate were you are. 
Beautiful Sunset.

Elder Miller and I have 3 new investigator with a baptismal date. Please keep them in your prayers that they keep them. The work here in Hagonoy is ready to harvest as it says in D&C 4. Know I miss and love you all. 

I hope everyone has great week. 

Elder Richards

Our apartment
Elder Richards and Elder Miller

Ricki, Rose and Umi

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