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Monday, March 13, 2017

Loving San Jose Del Monte.

Hey All, 
First to my momma, Good job for not killing either of the 2 little ones,  2 weeks is a longgg time with out dad. Dad going out of town was also some of my favorite times because it meant I could sleep in your comfy bed. LOL 

As for me a little bit. I haven't been feeling to hot lately. I think I have a little ear infection and a pretty good sore throat. But nothing to stop the work here from progressing. 

I do like my new apartment in some aspects but not in others. For example my apartment now is smaller than my old one and we have more missionaries in it. There are good and bad to having room mates (kabahay in tagalog). For example there is always someone to talk to. But that is also the bad because it is sometimes hard to go to bed on time. For the most part I really enjoy it.
My spiritual experience for this week came in my zone. Elder Fackrell and I set a zone goal for how many people we could find this week and share the gospel with. The goal we set was way way way high. Like almost double than the mission average. So we have been praying like crazy lately asking for help and strength. We are now are about half way through the activity and we are more ahead than we are supposed to be. So to me it shows the faith of missionaries and the determination to serve the Lord. So amazing to see everyone have their eye single to the glory and the miracles that come when that happens. 

Elder Fackrell and I had a baptism this week which is always breathe taking. The spirit that is present at baptisms is unreal. The girls name is Nalynn. She is an 18 year old girl with more faith than most adults. The mission president wanted to interview her for her baptism, we were thinking and told that it would probably have to be a 6 month wait for her to be baptized but after the interview we were informed that she had passed. She had shown enough faith that they did't want to hold her back. I fell so grateful for the chance to have witnessed this take place. 

Thanks for all your prayers and support, it truly does help! Have a great week.


Elder Richards

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